Social Issues
1. Voting in general elections should be made compulsory (like in Australia). *
2. Maid cafés are a benefit to Japanese culture. *
3. There’s nothing wrong with talking on a mobile phone on buses or trains. *
4. Japan’s govt. should not force teachers to sing the kimigayo and raise the hinomaru. *
5. In Japan today, most people don’t need English. *
6. Testing on animals (for cosmetics & medicines etc.) should be banned. *
7. College students should experience living by themselves. *
8. Smoking in all public places should be banned. *
9. The hours a college student can work part-time should be limited. *
10. School uniforms are unnecessary. *
11. It’s more useful to learn Chinese than English as a second language. *
12. People in Japan who drop litter should be fined. *
13. Japan should close all its nuclear power plants. *
14. Japan needs to develop new nuclear power plants to meet the demand for electricity. *
15. The AO and recommendation system of entering university should be abolished. *
16. PTAs are not necessary for high schools. *
17. It’s more interesting to watch movies made from novels than to read the original novels. *
18. The age that Japanese can drink alcohol should be lowered from 20 to 18 years old. *
19. People should be allowed to vote at the age of 18. *
20. Same sex marriage should be allowed everywhere. *
21. Co-educational schools are better than women-only schools for students. *
22. Every college and university should have a sports festival. *
23. High school education should be compulsory. *
24. High school students shouldn’t bring their mobile phones to school. *
25. The age that Japanese can get a drivers license should be lowered to 16. *
26. The government should re-introduce the 6 days school week. *
27. Using a paper dictionary is better than an electronic dictionary. *
28. Learning a second language at elementary school age is too early. *
29. It is better to get married when you are over 27. *
30. The government should change the law so that people become adult at 18 years old. *
31. Women only carriages on trains should be in operation all day. *
32. East Asian countries should have a common currency like the euro in Europe. *
33. Japan should change article 9 and have a normal military. *
34. Japan’s consumption tax should be increased to 15%. *
35. Japan should be stronger in its relations with China. *
36. The death penalty should be abolished. *
37. The law of limitations on a crime should be abolished. *
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