Valet Tagging Program Fall 2018
Do you have more stuff than time? Our Valet Tagging program may be the perfect option for you! We have a team of JBF Moms who will prep, price, tag and drop off your items. All you need to do is deliver your clean, seasonally appropriate items on hangers to our taggers after you qualify.

In order to qualify, you must answer YES to all of the questions below:
-Do you have at least 50 items?
-Are 80% of your items name brand? (Less than 20% of your items are from Target/Walmart.)
-Are all of your items in perfect condition--free from stains, odors and defects?
-Are all of your items without recalls (you can check the recall finder on the JBF tagging site)

Consignors who participate in the Valet Tagging program earn 45% of their sale price minus the normal $10 consignor fee (if you volunteer at the event you will earn 50%).

We do require that clothing items are dropped off on hangers or additional fees will be added to cover the cost of hangers (.20 cents per hanger). There will also be a .25 cent charge for each item brought with stains or defects. You will be notified if there are any unaccepted items that need to be picked up.

All Valet Tagging Consignors will be given a presale pass to enter the sale the Saturday before we open to the public. See sale schedule for entry times and details.

Once the form is completed we will have a valet tagger contact you with additional details. We look forward to working with you. If you have any questions about the Valet Tagging program, please contact Kathy at

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Zip code:
Your answer
Phone Number:
Your answer
Current Email Address:
Please list the email that you use to log in to your JBF account--if you don't have a JBF account please create one
Your answer
Have you done the JBF tagging program in the past?
If YES, who was your tagger. If NO, just put N/A
Your answer
Approximately how many items (clothes, shoes, toys, etc) will you be dropping off?
Toys and baby items must be clean, have working batteries and organized neatly in closed sturdy boxes.
Your answer
Are 80% of your items name brand?
Less than 20% of your items are from Target/Walmart
Your answer
Are all of your clothing items for FALL and WINTER?
Check out the Sell page on the JBF website for specific seasonal items we accept
Your answer
Are all of your items in perfect condition?
No stains, odors or defects--Remember .25 cents will be deducted for each item with a stain or defect
Your answer
Have you checked all of your items for recalls?
Use the recall finder on the JBF tagging site
Your answer
Are all of your clothing items on plastic hangers?
You can find hangers at Wal-mart or department stores--If you would like us to provide and place your clothes on hangers we can do that for .20 cents per item. Don't worry about pinning--we do all that for you! Just have your clothing in size order please.
Your answer
Are all of your items in clean, sturdy boxes?
All items must be brought in boxes that can be closed. You must label each box with your name and consignor number. Boxes will not be returned. Large items that will not fit into a box must be labeled with your name and consignor number--use masking tape or something that will adhere to the item.
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All items will be priced using the JBF Standard Pricing Guide. Your items will be included in the 25% and 50% discount days. Please initial below for consent.
The JBF Pricing Guide can be found on the Printable Information Page on the website
Your answer
Do you want to pick up or donate unaccepted items when we are done tagging?
Remember .25 cents will be deducted for each item with a stain or defect
We will contact you soon with a pick up time and location
Please list the best number to text you.
Your answer
You are responsible to pick up unsold items from State Fair Park on Saturday, Aug. 25 from 7pm-8:30pm or the Cleveland County Fairgrounds in Norman on Sunday, Sept. 30 from 2pm-3:30pm unless you have made arrangements with your tagger to have your items transported for you.
Initial below indicating you are aware that unsold items not picked up during designated pick up times will be donated (hint: add the pick up day and time to your phone reminders)
Your answer
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