Beth Mitchell Memorial Scholarship
In memory of our 1998 National Non-Pro Champion, the National Shag Dance Championship Board of Directors established the Beth Mitchell Memorial Scholarship to assist in the education of worthy college students who have competed or whose parents have competed in the Nationals. Only major divisional competitors ( Junior, Pros and Non pros et,) are eligible for the scholarships. Collegiate “Shagging with the Stars” or any other of the non-major divisions are not eligible. In other words, all applicants must have competed in one of the five major divisions. Accounting and legal fees are paid by the N.S.D.C. Our fundraising goal is to acquire adequate principle, allowing the interest accrued to fund each annual scholarship. Contributions are welcome from shag clubs, businesses, families and individuals. The foundation is classified as a 501 (c) (3) for tax deductions.

The scholarship committee includes Beth’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Worth Mitchell; one member appointed by the family; and three appointed by the NSDC Board plus the NSDC Chairman as a non-voting selection member.

Please proceed to the application once you are ready to submit the following information:

• Contact Information (Name, Mailing Address, Phone Number)
• Institute(s) of Higher Education (top 3 choices for students not yet enrolled)
• Activities & Work Experience (including organization, title/role, hours per week)
• Honors
• Essays (300-word max/text box)
1. What are your career goals? What role does higher education play in achieving these
2. How will the Beth Mitchell Memorial Scholarship benefit you and your family?
3. Why do you deserve to be considered for this scholarship?
• Fun Fact
• Parent Guardian Information (Name, Occupation, Physical Address)
• If applicable, the applicant’s or parent of the applicant’s first year competing in the National Shag Dance Championships

Applicants must email a copy of their transcript (High School or College) and SAT scores to by the deadline of February 15th. Please include "Beth Mitchell Transcript" & applicant's last name in the subject line of the email.

Applicants will receive an emailed proof of the application submission to the address provided below.

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Become a Beth Mitchell Scholar
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