2019 Luray VA Community Survey
The Town of Luray is committed to providing the highest level of service to our citizens, businesses, and visitors. To help us improve, please take some time to complete this survey and offer us ideas on areas where we need to improve or opportunities where we could expand our services.

Thank you for helping us #LOVELURAY

We strive to provide you with current information about our community. Please let us know how often you use these sources of information:
Town Website (townofluray.com)
Facebook Page (facebook.com/townofluray)
Instagram (townofluray)
Linkedin (Town of Luray, Virginia)
Utility Bill Inserts
Contact Town Offices Directly
Page News & Courier
Talk with Neighbors
Other Communication Sources or New Ways We Should Investigate
Your answer
Town Service Provision
Please let us know how you feel we are meeting your service needs in the following areas:
Meets My Expectations
Below My Expectations
No Opinion
Road Maintenance
Parks & Recreation
Water & Sewer Utility Service
Utility Billing & Tax Collection
Police/Public Safety
Garbage (Trash & Recyling) Collection
Code Enforcement
Overall Town Appearance
Please provide any details as to your ratings that could help us improve service delivery.
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Town Environment
Please let us know your thoughts about the following areas and issues in Town:
Meets My Expectations
Below My Expectations
No Opinion
Ease of Driving
Ease of Walking
Ease of Biking
Parking in my Neighborhood
Parking in Downtown
Town's Visual Attractiveness
Quality of Life in Town
Town Growth Management and Planning
Support of Local Business
Listening to Residents
Informing Residents
Access to Government Officials
Park Enjoyment
Greenway Enjoyment
Community Events
Please provide additional comments on your responses to the Town Environment Section
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Safety in Luray
Please let us know how safe you feel in each of the following areas in Luray:
Very safe
Not safe
No Opinion
My Neighborhood During the Day
My Neighborhood at Night
Ralph Dean Park
Lake Arrowhead
Pocket Pocks
Downtown During the Day
Downtown at Night
Please let us know your thoughts and concerns about public safety in Luray
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My Home Luray
You're almost done! Please rate Luray as a community on each of the following items:
Meets My Expectations
Need Attention
No Opinion
Overall, as a Place to Call My Home
Shopping Opportunities
Entertainment Opportunities
Availability of Job Opportunities
Availability of Housing
Arts & Culture Opportunities
Recreational Opportunities
Availability of Healthcare
Availability of Educational Opportunities
A Place to Raise Children
A Place to Live
A Place to Work
A Place to Retire
Please Provide Any Final Thoughts and Comments
Your answer
Thanks for participating in our survey. As our last question, please let us know what your relationship to Luray is (Choose all that apply):
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