Petition to Ban the Use of Permethrin in the State of Virginia**
It has been determined that some of the chemicals used to spray for mosquitoes in Virginia -- namely, permethrin -- are also harmful to other insects, and of specific importance to us, bees.

We, the undersigned, therefore petition the State of Virginia to desist using permethrin, and other such chemicals in our state, and to develop more eco-friendly methods of dealing with mosquitoes, such as encouraging the population of predator animals (bats, birds, dragonflies), and plants, if effective.


** Must be 18 years old to sign.

Note: We don't foresee having to call anyone, but please include a valid phone number just in case. This information will not be shared with anyone unless required by the State of Virginia when we file the petition. Otherwise, it will be redacted from the report.

This petition was started by Ralph Shelton of Virginia Beach, VA, Founder of
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For a greener Earth. For a good cause.
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