Kanaria statue delivery information
For winners of https://auction.rmrk.app statues
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Contact information *
Provide a telegram handle or email through which we can reach you if needed
Do you want the statue? *
Some customers purchased a statue purely to add value to their Kanaria and/or to get Harberger tax, or to support the team. Due to the complexity of the build process, please re-confirm you actually want the statue. If you select anything other than "Yes", you do NOT get a refund but you still get all the other perks.
Which bird do you want the statue for?
You can pick someone else's bird. You pick which bird you want to attach the harberger bonus to in the next question.
Which bird should get the Harberger Tax bonus?
This has to be any bird you own. This bird will get the Lordship and permanently add value to this bird.
If you selected Yes or Smaller, please provide an address
Can be a PO box, but due to the size of the statue and its packaging (a military-grade foam-filled metal case, nuclear-warhead-safe) it should really be accepted in person.
If the statue is being shipped to you, please indicate the name and contact information of the person accepting the package
Phone number, full name, email please.
Please confirm that, if shipping the statue, you understand that depending on your country and its import tax and regulation, the package may be opened by border agents and customs fees may be applied on top of the already paid price. Additionally, you confirm that you agree with Michelangelo Labs' terms and conditions, linked in the description of this question. *
As laid out by Michelangelo Labs, producers of the statues, please confirm that you agree with them here: https://secureservercdn.net/
By purchasing the Statue, you also qualify for NFT drops by both RMRK and Michelangelo Labs. Please leave your EVM address below. ML will drop NFTs on Ethereum mainnet, while RMRK will do the same on Moonriver and Moonbeam.
Your EVM address is what you get via something like Metamask. An address on Metamask works on every EVM chain, meaning you use the same EVM address on Ethereum mainnet, Moonriver, Moonbeam, and others.
If you would like to have something engraved on the owner's plate (like a Twitter username) please leave it below.
e.g. "@bitfalls", "Hi mom", "For the Horde!", "w3n:bruno" etc.
Other info
Please do not hesitate to reach out via hello@rmrk.app if you have any questions.
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