MS-Internet Usage Permission Form & Responsible Use Agreement
Dear Parent or Guardian:

With your permission, your child will be able use the school’s computers and access the Internet at school as part of class instruction.

Before signing and returning this form, be sure that you have read and discussed with your child the Acceptable Use Policy that is printed in the district’s technology handbook and/or has been given to you with your child’s other forms. Your child should also sign this form.

Violation of any of the rules in the policy may result in (1) forfeiture of permission to use the school’s computers, the Internet, and the school network and/or (2) appropriate disciplinary action. Please sign below if granting permission and return the entire form.
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Student's Name: *
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In the case our school will need to go 100% virtual, will your child need a device from the school? *
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Parent: I give permission for my child to use the school’s computers and have access to the Internet. This may include the publishing of class-related information in accordance with the guidelines in the Acceptable Use Policy. *
Student: I have also read and understand the Acceptable Use Policy and will honor the conditions of the policy. *
Any acts seen as not meeting this pledge are considered infractions resulting in consequences of limited or no technology use. (Please check next to each pledge) *
Parent: By typing your name below, you agree to adhere to all policies and protocols of the Irwin County School System. *
Student: By typing your name below, you agree to adhere to all policies and protocols of the Irwin County School System. *
Bark for Schools
Dear Parents,

Irwin County Schools uses Bark for Schools to help us monitor school-issued accounts for signs of digital dangers. When potential issues like cyberbullying, suicidal ideation, and threats of violence arise, Bark sends us a notification. Parents and guardians can benefit from receiving these alerts, as well. Bark for Schools is free for both our school and for you.

Get Alerts With the Free Parent Portal
Kids use their school-issued accounts both at school and at home, and families are often in a better position to respond to urgent alerts after hours, on weekends, and during breaks. These are times when administration may not be available in the event of an emergency. By providing the information needed below, you will receive an invitation to create your free account for the Bark for Schools Parent Portal. As soon as you opt in, you’ll start receiving alerts when Bark detects potentially time-sensitive issues.

Thank you for your support as we strive to help keep our students safe both online and in real life.

Best wishes,

Corey Phillips and Travis Hutto
Irwin County Schools
IT Department

If you would like an invitation to create your free parent account, provide us with the following information.

Parent Full Name and Email Address
Never submit passwords through Google Forms.
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