BSMG Halloween Creation Contest
Happy October everyone! To celebrate the spooky season, we're holding a small contest to help spoopify your beat saber experience. This year we have submissions for the following 3 categories:
- 3 winners will be selected
- 1 difficulty per submission (multiple difficulties are nice but only 1 counts for the contest)
- Up to 3 mappers/lighters per submission, 1 submission per person
- Sabers, avatars, platforms, or notes.
- 1 winner will be selected per subcategory
- 1 modeler per submission, 1 submission per subcategory
E.g. You can enter in both Saber and Avatar subcategories, but you can only win in one.
- Points for originality.
- Your mod must be open source, and preferably hosted on GitHub.
And finally... The Prize!
The prize is a simple event winner role in the discord.
Winners will be selected by a committee that will be revealed after submissions close!

Plagiarism is strictly forbidden and is grounds for instant disqualification. Modifications of previous work is acceptable only if it's YOUR previous work.

Thanks for participating!
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