Rogers County Fair 2021 Application
Thank you for your interest in being a vendor at the Rogers County Fair. The Fair takes place on the grounds of the Claremore Expo Center the second weekend after Labor Day every September. In 2020, we seen a 40% increase to our estimated 24,000 attendees. It was a very successful event for our vendors and various events that took place during the fair.

The Rogers County Fair Board, City of Claremore, and the Claremore Expo value our vendors, patrons, volunteers, and staff. With the pandemic allowing us to make a few changes, we have adapted to a new layout in the County Square located in the hall of the Expo that greatly benefits our indoor vendors. We also provide a “food row” in a high traffic area between the carnival and exhibit buildings to maximize visibility.

Please submit your vendor application and you will be contacted via email if you are accepted, put on a waitlist or if we are unable to accommodate. Give us a few business days to review before following up on your application. If you have any questions, please let us know.

We welcome a variety of vendors for fair-goers and strive to have different items from each vendor. Only one representative from multi-level companies will be accepted (i.e. Mary Kay, Tupperware). When you complete the application please provide a description of your items.

The Rogers County Fair is a great family-friendly event that we hope you will be a part of in 2021. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me by email or phone.

Kendel Stocker
Co-Fair Manager
(918) 341-8688 opt 2

Fair Dates - September 16th-19th, 2021
Company Name *
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Products to be displayed *
Will you be selling products from your booth? *
Vendor Booths *
Booths will include: One 8’ table (plain-no table coverings) with 2 chairs, 8’ back drape & 3’ side drapes, Booth space in the Expo Hall is first come, first serve!
Food Trucks - Specify Amp needed- $325.00 (Please visit our website to see current list) *
*Not allowed to sell cotton candy, popcorn, snow-cones, caramel and candy apples, funnel cakes, and corn dogs with no exceptions. *Any soft drinks sold must be Coca-Cola brand. Current sales tax permit and certificate of liability insurance with Rogers County Fair listed as additional insured must be submitted prior to the start of the Fair. Booth photos and food item photos are encouraged. Booth rental includes water hookups. ALL 50 amp electric spots have been taken. If you need a 50 amp, YOU WILL NEED TO RUN OFF GENERATOR.
Food Truck - Concession Size *
Type of Food Truck- What are you selling? *
To be accepted as a vendor, a completed application and signed waiver of liability are required. A $25 deposit is due within 7 business days upon acceptance into the show. Early Bird must be paid in full by June 1st, 2021. After June 1st, prices will go up to full price.
***For your application to be considered for acceptance into the Rogers County Fair, a photo of your items and booth display must be included. If you have exhibited with us before, no need to send pictures.
Show Guidelines of the 2021 Rogers County Fair
1. The show committee reserves the right to make final decisions as to whom and what products may be exhibited at the show. Committee also reserves the right to assign all exhibitors location.

2. Exhibitor’s booth must be manned at all times (unless prior arrangements have been made with Show Committee). No sharing of booth space will be permitted (without express prior approval of show committee).

3. Signage for exhibitor’s booth will be allowed to face the aisle on the front side of exhibitor’s booth only. Exhibitor is prohibited from displaying products/services and/or other advertising material in areas outside of its booth space such as, but not limited to, parking lots, corridors, lounges, rest rooms, etc.

4. Giveaways: If exhibitor is doing a giveaway drawing, exhibitor agrees not to sell any information collected from the public and, agrees to hold the Rogers County Fair harmless from any liability.

5. Refunds: No refunds for booth space will be issued for any reason - including but not limited to inclement weather, acts of God or war, etc.

6. It is agreed that the exhibitor shall make no claim(s) of any kind against Rogers County Fair and shall indemnify and hold harmless the Rogers County Fair, Sponsors, Sponsoring organizations, Board members, officers, employees, Committee members of any such organization, consultants, promoters, authorized subsidiaries, or authorized sub-contractors. Under no circumstances will these organizations be responsible for loss, damage, destruction, theft of any merchandise, displays or goods of the exhibitors or any injury to exhibitor or employee while attending the show. Also, it is expressly understood there can be no claim for damage of any kind to the exhibitor’s business due to any circumstance that developed from the show.

7. All property of the exhibitor remains under the custody and control of the exhibitor, subject to the rules and regulations of the show. Exhibitors should not leave merchandise unattended during show hours and especially during move-in and move-out times. It is suggested you contact your insurance agent regarding your coverage. Management is not responsible for loss. Building will generally be locked and secure until one hour before the show opens and ½ hour after show closing. No one will be allowed in the building, unless pre-arranged and approved by Show Committee. All display units and supplies must be designed for indoors, on a concrete surface and must be contained within the dimensions as described. If your display is over 8’ tall you must designate so, on your application.

8. Each exhibitor must know and comply with all laws, ordinances and regulations to health, fire and public safety while participating in the show. Any food sampling must be approved by the Rogers County Health Department. All aisles and designated emergency exits must be kept clear at all times. Please keep your area neat and clean during the show. Expo cleaning personnel are not allowed to enter your booth, so please place your trash in the proper receptacle.

9. Oklahoma Sales Tax Report forms will be handed out by an Oklahoma Tax Commission representative during the show. The Exhibitor is liable and responsible for all necessary permits, license, and taxes necessary to participate in the show.

10. Music copyrighted and subject to license by ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC. Exhibitor is responsible for any fees applicable. The use of projectors or DVD players is allowed as long as the volume is controlled. Use of microphones or amplification is not allowed without prior permission from Show Committee.
I have read and understand the Show Guidelines *
(Please type your full name and date below)
Waiver of Liability: Please type your full name and date below *
Neither the Rogers County Fair or Will Rogers Classic; Rogers County, Claremore Cultural Development Authority, City of Claremore, or any other sponsors assume any responsibility for destruction, damage or loss of the exhibitor’s property for any cause. The exhibitor’s agree to indemnify and hold harmless said associations, sponsors, businesses and promoters or any others associated with the show from any liability and expense for any injury, property damage or other loss arising out of the use by the exhibitors of its exhibit space or activity in connection therewith. By my/our signature(s), I/we agree to this Waiver of Liability. Signed waiver must be returned with exhibitor’s application for application to be accepted.
Thank you for completing the Rogers County Fair Vendor Form!
You should receive email confirmation of acceptance within 3 business days of submission of your application.
Contact Kendel if you have not received your confirmation.
Kendel Stocker
400 Veterans Parkway
Claremore, OK 74017
(918) 341-8688 opt 2
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