MPI Tennessee Mentor Match Program
We are so excited you have chosen to be a part of our mentor program. This program was designed to help each of us grow in this industry and get to know each other more in the process. Please complete this form and mark the categories you would like to be a mentor or be a mentee. You can be both a mentor and a mentee at the same time in different categories. Once we receive your application we will match you and then send you the contact information for your mentor/mentee. Thank you so much for participating. Please contact with any questions regarding the application process or program.
MPI TN Mentorship Program Information
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Mentor and Mentee Selection
Please choose from the following categories. You may choose one topic per four month session, but you may be both a mentor and a mentee. For example, you can be a mentor for personal and professional growth and a mentee for networking skills.
Industry Experience - Techniques for problem solving, overcoming obstacles, event execution stories, strategic thinking, career challenges, and successes *
Personal and Professional Growth - work/life balance, confidence, effective communication, leadership, emotional stability, understanding strengths and weaknesses *
Maximizing your MPI membership - Learn the benefits of your MPI membership, tips for navigating the website, membership directory, and the value of volunteering *
Networking Skills - Building rapport, breaking through the awkward barrier at events, importance of being authentic, listening skills, and focus on other’s needs/ interests *
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Mentorship Program Guidelines
Time Commitment: 3 hours per month (November - February)
Attend a one-hour meeting (virtually or in-person) twice a month with your mentee/mentor
Participate in a monthly virtual happy-hour with fellow mentorship program participants to discuss individual interactions and learnings, share stories, and strengthen industry relationships and engagement.
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