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Caribbean-Canadian Parents United is a grassroots, membership-based, non-profit organization; aimed at improving well-being for Caribbean-Canadian families. Currently serving: Ontario regions: Peel, Durham, Dufferin, GTA, Halton, and York.

CARIBBEAN-CANADIAN COMMUNITY is defined as: All women, men , youth and children who
1. are native to or descending from the Caribbean regions/territories/nations - INCLUDING ALL races/ancestries/ethnicities; AND
2. self-identify as "Caribbean" and/or "Caribbean-Canadian"; AND
3. reside in Canada.

VISION: A thriving Caribbean-Canadian community.
MISSION: To connect and enable Caribbean-Canadian parents.

Membership fee: $30/year/Caribbean-Canadian parent/guardian.
Please complete this form to apply for general membership. One application per Caribbean-Canadian parent/guardian.

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Caribbean-Canadian Parents United
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