New Colors to Paint Our Universe ARC Request
The third book in the Earthlings on Erantus series, 18+ sci-fi alien romance from Lorelei Havok will be releasing through Amazon and Kindle Unlimited on July 11th. This sign-up is for consideration to receive an ebook advanced reader's copy (ARC) of the book. This advanced reader's copy is given with the hope that you'll read, enjoy, and tell others about it through your review and/or social media platform of choice.

The first round of ARCs will go out June 1st. This first round of ARC's will not have had their final proofreading or formatting rounds complete. This means they will likely contain errors. 

A second round of ARCs (if enough interest is shown) will release July 6th. This copy may still contain minor formatting errors as the kinks for the ebook release are worked out. 
Please indicate below which round of ARCs you'd be interested in. 

Physical ARCs will not be available for this release at this time. 

While the third book is written to be as standalone as possible, there is relevant world-building in the first book. If you'd like to also receive a copy of the first book, please indicate below. More info on that book is available at


Humans have spent their life traveling through space toward a new, possible habitable planet. They don't expect to find Erantus, a livable planet already home to three other interstellar immigrants. One of these is the garacka, dragon-people of a single sex that were stranded on Erantus after their home planet was destroyed. 

A forced volunteer for the second ground crew, Lorraine is unsure what good a microbiologist is for exploring a new planet. Apparently the answer is, "nothing, really, but we're turning you into an ambassador." Sent back to the garacka city with one of its citizens, she quickly finds that what makes her feel out of place with humans, is a boon to communicating with these winged dragon aliens. Together with Tfatha, she's starting, for the first time, to figure out how she actually might fit in the grand scheme of the universe. 

Xe's part of the first generation of garacka born on Erantus, and xe gets the reminder every day. It's only when meeting a member of a species with the same problem, that maybe xe starts to see how all the pieces come together. What's home really, when you properly think about it?

Content includes: xenophilia, pegging, violence, natural disaster
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