CMTA Scholarship Auditions 2019--Student Information Form
This form is required for each student entry. Use correct spelling as this will generate the rating forms and certificates.

Be certain to also submit the Teacher's information here:
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If a student is performing in more than one division, the form must be submitted once for each division. A $20 fee is required for every entry.
For scheduling purposes, please answer the following:
Siblings will be scheduled within the same hour if possible.
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Refer to the complete policies for Repertoire Guidelines and Time Allotments:

NEW: To facilitate scheduling, PLEASE USE A COLON when listing the time length of each selection (e.g. 4:25).

Piano Solo: 2-3 contrasting solos
Piano Concerto: 1 movement
If student is only entering Concerto Division, then please fill out "Repertoire 1" information only.
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