The Black History Wales Youth Awards 2019
BHMW2019 celebrates ‘MOVERS, SHAKERS AND LEGACY MAKERS’. We wish to recognise the achievements of young people from Black and Minority Ethnic communities in Wales who are making dynamic change for better futures. The award ceremony will be led by Race Council Cymru with awards being presented by the First Minister Mark Drakeford at the Pierhead Building, Cardiff Bay on Friday the 27th of September 2019.

Please use this form to nominate a young individual of African and minority ethnic background from diaspora communities who live in Wales, that you believe deserves recognition for their outstanding contribution locally, nationally or internationally
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How to nominate
Anyone can nominate a young person for the category below as long as they can meet the criteria of the said category. For the purpose of these awards, a young person is 13 – 30 years old. A nominee may submit a maximum of 4 nominations for the Black History Youth Awards (BHWYA) 2019. Each nomination must be submitted on a separate form. Incomplete forms may be considered ineligible for assessment.
Applications close: Midnight Thursday 5th September, 2019
We aim to capture and share the contributions of people of African descent from the diaspora as part of our shared history, through a wide range of educational and creative activity for people of all ages.

Email us to request an application form at: or phone us at: 07809721047
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