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About Headstart Network Foundation:

Headstart is one of India's oldest and largest startup communities. It is a non-profit, run largely by passionate volunteers.
Since 2007, Headstart has helped numerous startups showcase their offerings and get feedback on their products. It has facilitated tens of thousands of connections to potential co-founders, customers, vendors, mentors, investors and employees. Companies that have demoed at Headstart have collectively been valued at over 1,36,000 Crore INR and have created over 4 Lakh jobs. Headstart is committed towards building a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem in the country through its initiatives like Startup Saturday, Higher, Women Entrepreneurship (WE), Mentor and Kickstart.

About Headstart Mentor:

Headstart Mentor is a hands off mentoring session for entrepreneurs, facilitated by Headstart. Our intention is to get qualifying startups coached by the industry’s best and to build a pay-it-forward culture in the startup circuit.
It is an invite-only meetup which aims to provide a structure to 5 qualifying startups to find solutions to their problems by interacting with brilliant peers and experts in their industry. A Mentor session lasts for 3 hours and is organised on specific domains (like Healthcare, EdTech etc.) or horizontals (like sales, fund raising etc.).

Resource person for Headstart Mentor, Indore

Mr. Ujjwal Trivedi
VP - Products @ Artoo Fintech, Ex- CouponDunia

Date: 20 Oct 2018
Time: 2 PM to 5 PM

He is a seasoned Products guy. In his 14 years of experience he has been instrumental in creating and growing some award winning Products. He has worked on 25+ B2C and B2B products and helped several startups in early stages. He runs a product management course and has taken several workshops at IITs and IIMs.

There is nothing you have to pay to get mentored, but you have to make a promise - to pay it forward by mentoring younger startups when you are ready and have an opportunity.

Application shortlisting is COMPLETELY AT HEADSTART'S DISCRETION and on a best effort basis. We will get back to you if you are selected.

If you have any questions, please reach us at mudit.thakkar@headstart.in

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