PforSST - Parent Registration 2019
As parents of SST students, you are automatically a member of PforSST (Parents for SST).

Every parent, a connected and positive support for SST and the students.

To provide opportunities for parents to contribute, support and network, for the benefit of the students.

By providing the information below, you will be updated on the events and activities organised by the school and the PforSST committee. The PforSST committee will add you to the communication channels, Whatsapp groups and email, linking you to other parents.

There are 2 categories of group chat for each level :-
Level Connect
The level connect comprises of parents of the same level.

Class Connect (Lower Sec only)
The class connect comprises of parent of the students' class.

Each group is administed by the PforSST Committee members, and to assist with queries, and event/activities publicity.

You are also welcomed to clarify any queries related to school, through these communication channels.

Pls take note of the Community Standards for the group chats. The standards can be found at the link We will take strict action for any violation.

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The information provided on this form will be kept confidential and will be used by PforSST for its purposes and activities only.

Thank you for your filling this form.

Hope to see you in our next event/activity.


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