Reggie Joiner – Speaker Request Form
Thank you for your request to have Reggie participate in your event. He appreciates your consideration. Because of his commitment to his family and full-time ministry through Orange, we are able to accept very few engagements. However, we do consider every invitation, and we will do our best to respond promptly.

In an effort to remain focused on Reggie's commitment to Orange and to his passion for training leaders, Reggie speaks primarily to church leaders: senior and lead pastors, children’s pastors, family pastors, and student pastors. Regretfully, he is not often able to accept other requests such as student retreats, marriage conferences, etc.

Due to the demands of our ministry and his schedule, it could take a few weeks for us to respond to your request. However, we’ll do everything we can to expedite an answer.

A team helps sort the requests and provides our speakers with possible events. The more specific and complete you can be on this request form, the quicker we will be able to get you a response. Below are some of the questions considered in making a decision:

– AVAILABILITY: Are the dates currently open?

– FAMILY: Does the request conflict with family events?
Our speakers love being with their family and is committed to spending both quality and quantity time with them. We look at how many nights they are already away from home during the requested month to see if it exceeds what is healthy for his family life.

– AUDIENCE: What is the purpose of the event? What is the composition of the audience?
We want to know if this is an event where our speakers feel they can make a contribution with what they know they have to offer.

– HONORARIUM: Can our speakers be compensated for their time away from their families?
Reggie Joiner’s current honorarium is $6,000 for a keynote presentation. If an extra day is needed for travel to the event, a partial honorarium is required. For example, Reggie's honorarium would be $9,000 if an event required his time for both Thursday and Friday.

Our speakers’ final decision is not based on finances. If you can’t afford this amount, please indicate what your budget allows.

– TRAVEL EXPENSES: Can our speakers travel with their spouses or associates, production support and will these expenses be reimbursed?

We realize that these requirements may not match up with the resources that you have available or the nature of event. Thanks for your understanding.

Again, thank you for honoring Reggie by requesting him to speak at your event.

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