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FernLeaf Adventure sports Team (AKA F.A.S.T.) invites you to join us for mountain bike rides this fall.

In order to include more FernLeaf families in bike club we plan to host 3 Saturday rides this fall: September 15th, October 13 and November 10th. 10am- appx 12:30pm MARK YOUR CALENDARS NOW!!!
Parents are welcome to participate but not required (we do need you to be present until certain riding skills have been met by your children). Parents are responsible for providing transportation to and from ride locations (which is likely to include picking up your child from a different location within the forest if you are not riding with us). We will need some parents to join for the rides but not everyone needs to participate in the ride. we are aiming for a ratio of 4:1 children to adults.

Participants are required to have a bike (in good working order) with gears and hand brakes (no coaster brakes), helmet, closed toed shoes, water bottle and way to carry it along with a snack. Our first ride we will meet up at Guion Farm parking area in Dupont State forest, there is a short kids loop (slightly less than a mile) we will review a few safety tips and check everyone's equipment then enjoy a ride together- non participating parents need to stick around and help within the kids loop by cheering, taking photos and assisting in the event of bike mechanical issues or injury (younger siblings with scoot bikes or just hanging out are welcome with accompanying parent to supervise, only kids with bikes meeting the above specifications will be able to participate in the trail ride). more skilled riders can offer support and tips to the less experienced riders. Kids will practice riding the single track trail, learn trail etiquette as well as practice using their gears and brakes, riding on uneven terrain and possibly try some of the obstacle skill areas if they are feeling adventurous. If your child has little to no trail experience please plan to stay with them or in the immediate vicinity to offer support until they have been checked off on skills and you have been given further instructions on where to pick them up, younger siblings that are not ready to ride are welcome to come cheer and offer support for this beginning part of our ride. We will plan to spend about 30-45 minutes with this portion of the ride. for some kids this will be all they want or are ready for. For those kids who demonstrate proficiency with use of gears, brakes and appropriate trail etiquette we will proceed to a longer ride where we will practice downhill riding skills as well as some climbing via the ridgeline trail. Most riders will not be advanced in their climbing endurance enough to ride back up to Guion Farm so we will have parents that are not riding with us meet us at Lake Imaging parking area to pick up their own children and offer a ride and or supervision to children whose parents may have ridden with us but need to pick up their car at the original meeting spot, for the super riders out there, we may pedal back up to guion farm parking area. We will only take children and parents that have demonstrated sufficient skill in the kids loop on the trail portion of the ride and again will aim for a 4 kids to 1 adult ratio (which may vary depending on all riders skill level and number of parents participating), so parents that are able to participate are encouraged to do so. Ridgeline is a fun flowy somewhat steep downhill trail with some obstacles it will require a small but not insignificant gravel road climb up hickory mountain road to access the top of ridgeline trail. Kids participating in this portion of the ride must have a way to carry their own water bottle and snacks that include a quick acting sugar such as fruit gummies, fruit, granola bars, is ok for participating parents to plan on carrying this equipment for your own child only and is much better for kids to plan and practice carrying this stuff on their own so they can access when they need it. You may want to plan on a picnic lunch afterward, Lake imaging is a short walk/ride in from the lake imaging parking area and has a picnic shelter by the lake, there are also hundreds of places to enjoy a picnic in the immediate vicinity.

F.A.S.T. will continue to have casual rides for the more experienced riders and their parents posted on our Fern leaf Adventure Sports Team (FAST) Facebook page at
anyone is welcome to join this page and post a ride, even if its a last minute decision to ride with your child any day of the week and you are looking for a buddy, the purpose our FB page is to connect families that are interested in participation in outdoor adventures together including but not limited to biking and skiing. As we grow our group of riders you may develop relationships with families that you feel comfortable sharing responsibility for each others children and may opt to take turns participating in these rides

Please join us for our Saturday rides, this is a great way for your family to network with other families who may have children at similar riding skill levels and a great way for you and your child to grow your trail riding experience.

If there is anyone out there who is in need of a bike or related gear for yourself or your child check out the Bicycle Thrift Shop near Biltmore village or inquire on our FAST Facebook page, kids are always growing and outgrowing things so there is a good chance that there is another FernLeaf family out there that might have exactly what your family is looking for!.

Please feel free to contact me with questions or 828-551-1850

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