Florida Summer Camps During COVID-19 Survey
The League of Environmental Educators in Florida (LEEF) is compiling information on how organizations are adapting to COVID-19 and transitioning their nature and science programs into virtual experiences. We expect this information will be helpful to you RIGHT NOW, so we've made this survey anonymous and changed the permissions to allow all of you to see each other's responses. You can check back at any time to see the updated responses.
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Are you interested in working with other respondents to team teach or have guest speakers at your camp?
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What kind of organization do you represent?
What kind of summer camp are you offering this year?
If your camp is residential, what changes are you making because of the COVID-19 outbreak?
If campers are meeting in person, what changes are you making to your activities because of the COVID-19 outbreak?
If you have already made a decision to progress with you camp as normal, adapt your camp, or cancel your camp, how did you make that decision?
Are you refunding registrations for cancelled camps?
What feedback have you gotten from camp families about this summer?
How has this situation affected your seasonal hiring and volunteers?
What are you doing to take into account how the changes to your camp will impact diversity, equity, and inclusion?
What are your expectations for the summer?
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