Keokuk Community Survey
Please let us know how we are doing at Keokuk Community Schools.
School personnel communicate regularly regarding student behavior and /or academic progress.
Teachers provide assistance when students don’t understand what is being taught.
Parents are made to feel welcome in Keokuk Schools.
Adults who work in the school treat children with respect.
Parents are aware of what is expected of their child at school.
It is evident that engaging and relevant instruction is a priority for the school.
Teachers demonstrate an understanding that all students can learn.
I feel comfortable communicating with my child’s teacher and/or the school.
Discipline is applied fairly and consistently for all students.
I feel Keokuk students are safe while at school.
I feel that Keokuk students will have the necessary skills and abilities to be college and/or career ready upon graduating from Keokuk High School.
I feel that the district effectively fosters two-way communication between school and home.
I feel that the district appropriately maximizes district resources to provide effective learning resources and facilities that support student achievement and development.
I believe that Keokuk Community Schools consists of a collaborative environment in which employees strive for excellence to enhance and support student learning.
I believe that Keokuk Schools provides an environment for students, that develops healthy, productive and contributing citizens who apply their skills and discover their maximum potential.
What do you like best about our school?
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What do you like least about our school?
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What suggestion would you make to improve our school?
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