The Shut Down Survey
There are approximately eleventy-billion resources for building a startup.

There are practically none for shutting one down.

This only changes with your help. If you've ever had to shut down a failed startup, we want to know how you did it.

Not the shiny hero's journey of how you triumphed over adversity to go on to build your next big thing.

There are podcasts for that.

We want to know what practical, tactical advice and resources you used to do the nitty-gritty-miserable-soul-destroying work of unwinding the business you spent years of your life creating. Anything from which forms to file in NY vs DE, to how you sold the company assets.

Don't assume “everyone” knows how to do the things you did. They don't. Feel free to give as much detail as you have time for. We'll sort through it all and get more granular later.

We'll make all of the resources and advice publicly available as soon as we start to reach critical mass at our shiny new home -

What form of business was it?
In which state was it incorporated? (If non US, please write the country)
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Did you file for bankruptcy?
If you used a lawyer for any part of the process please share what, specifically, they did. (forms filed, contracts renegotiated etc) Please be as detailed as possible.
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What resources (websites, books, brands of bourbon) were the most useful to you during the process?
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What is the one thing you wish someone had helped you with?
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