Wedding Pastor Request
Congratulations on your engagement! Thank you for considering a Flood pastor to officiate your wedding ceremony. PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING BEFORE SUBMITTING THE FORM BELOW.

We ask that you submit your request a minimum of 3 months before your wedding date, and not more than 6 months. NOTE: the best way to ensure the Flood pastor of your choice is to provide more than one option before finalizing your ceremony date.

Once the form is submitted, Lindsey Lee will follow up with you within the week and begin the scheduling process.
It typically takes a couple of weeks to schedule a pastor. If you have questions about your form, you can email Lindsey Lee at:

Flood pastors are available for weddings in San Diego only, Monday through Saturday
> Couples are expected to provide expenses for overnight stays and/or travel
> Pastor Matt has very limited availability due to the number of requests he receives

> The honorarium for Matt Hammett is $500
> The honorarium for all other pastors is $250 - $400
> Please give the honorarium to Lindsey Lee before your wedding (this will free you up on your wedding day). Lindsey will then pass it onto your pastor. Checks can be written directly to the pastor.
* If you have a financial hardship, please discuss this with your pastor

We believe God’s boundaries for marriage are meant to protect couples, preserve their joy, provide a safe place for children, and give purpose as they give witness to God’s goodness as ambassadors for Christ.
> Contrary to popular culture, we strongly recommend couples wait until marriage before functioning as a married couple (e.g., sexual intimacy, cohabitating, etc.). Sexual intimacy is designed for a sacred commitment—public, accountable, life-long, and exclusive--and is the physical expression of the spiritual covenant before God.
> As a measure of good faith in conducting a Christian wedding, we ask couples to remain celibate until their ceremony.
> Committing to purity will give you an opportunity as a couple to establish your trust in Christ as the leader of your lives together, as well as practice essential virtues that are needed in marriage, including: love (putting the other first), self control, faithfulness, patience, etc.
* We understand the above statements may be challenging to many. As pastors, no matter your current beliefs and practices, we are committed to walking alongside the two of you during this important decision in your life.
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