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Tabletop Game Designers Australia (TGDA) is the preeminent association for tabletop game designers, publishers, artists and graphic designers in Australia.  Our mission is to advocate and facilitate Australian tabletop game design, development and commercialization.

To assist in the recognition of Australian designed, produced and published games, TGDA regulates and issues logos that may be affixed to games, including packaging and marketing material, that meet the requisite criteria (refer below) to be considered "Designed in Australia", "Produced in Australia" and "Published in Australia", respectively.  Please use this form to apply for the rights to use the logos.


Australian Designed Game
Your game will be classed as "Designed in Australia" if at least one designer of the game who received primary design credit was an Australian citizen when they designed the game or was an Australian permanent resident who resided in Australia when they designed the game.

Australian Produced Game
Your game will be classed as "Produced in Australia" if the game has been manufactured (printed and packaged) only by Australian entities (i.e. individuals and/or businesses). The components and materials used for printing and packaging may have been produced and supplied by non-Australian entities.

Australian Published Game
Your game will be classed as "Published in Australia" if at least one publisher of the version of the game is an Australian business (i.e. sole trader, partnership, trust or company) with its primary business address in Australia.


1. Review the criteria above.
2. If you believe that your game meets one or more of the criteria, complete this form.
3. TGDA will review your application and notify you of the outcome of the review.
4. If you are approved to use the logos, we will send you the artwork that can be used on your game or in promotional material for your game.  Note that the logos cannot be altered or transformed in any manner and must be used in the same dimensional ratio and colours in which they were provided.
5. After producing your game, you send us a copy of the game so that we can validate the use of the logos on it.  You will be responsible for the costs and logistics of sending the copy to TGDA.  Ownership of the copy of the game passes to TGDA once it is received by TGDA.
        - Please note that your game will be added to the TGDA Australian board game library and will be promoted.


If you have any questions, please contact TGDA via our Facebook page.
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