SCREENAGERS PANEL: Parent Social Media & Screen Time Survey
We are looking forward to hosting a viewing of "Screenagers" at the Galvin on November 9th. Directly following the short documentary we will have a panel discussing strategies, tips, and current trends here in Wakefield. Panelists will include GMS Principal CoIantuoni, School Psychologist, Galvin's School Resource Officer, a parent, a middle school student, and a H.S. student. In order to make sure our panelists cover parents needs around this topic, we would like to hear from you.
What grade is your child/ are your children in? (Check all that apply)
On average, how many hours do you think your child spends on screens (phones, ipad/ipod, laptop, video games, etc) for non-school related purposes per day?
Clear selection
What grade did you allow your student to get a smartphone?
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What is your biggest frustration in helping your kids learn to manage screentime outside of school?
What are some negative outcomes you have seen from your child’s use of social media? (optional)
What are some positive outcomes you have seen from your child’s use of social media? (optional)
What strategies have helped you work with your children around screens and smartphones?
What would you most like to learn from a panel discussion about kids and screentime?
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