Teacher Observation Checklist
Please check yes if the following characteristics occur often
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Sprout Gifted
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How long have you known this student?
Has an advanced vocabulary
Demonstrates a great appetite for books and reading
Entertains self for large blocks of time, especially when the topic is of interest
Has good recall
Consistently organizes, sorts, classifies, group things, and names them
Heightened curiosity (Asks "why" often)
Fantasizes often
Shows sensitivity to other people's feelings and empathy in response to their troubles
Exhibits perfectionism
Demonstrates leadership abilities
Often is the first to raise his/her hand
Clear selection
Has lots to say about every subject especially when the topic is of high interest
Clear selection
debates ideas and topics often with classmates and adults
Clear selection
Resists change
Likes to discuss abstract concepts such as love, justice, etc
Has high energy, compared to age-mates
Learns new material rapidly
Often prefers to work or play alone
Loves puzzles, mazes, building blocks, and toys that challenge
Has an advanced sense of humor
Prefers the company of older children or adults
Is highly creative
Is highly imaginative
Is a keen observer
Expresses unusual sensitivity to what he/she
Expresses concern for the world's problems
Please describe this student's academic behavior.
Please describe this student's social behavior.
Do you feel that this student will benefit from a rigorous enrichment program? Please explain. *
Do you feel this student will benefit from an outside of school social program? Please explain.
Please forward any test scores or a teacher recommendation to Judy Wahl, judy@sproutgifted.org
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