Bid to Win! Client Assessment Survey
A free assessment from PT Solutions, LLC to evaluate government contract bid opportunities for your organization, and how PT Solutions, LLC can best support you in your efforts. If you have any questions or need assistance in completing this form, please call (844) 234-7071, toll free.
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What contracts are you currently providing services for, and what is the nature of the contract? Please indicate whether you are a PRIME or SUBCONTRACTOR on each contract.
These questions are related to responding to Bids and Solicitations:
Do you know who your target client is?
Do you know who your competitors are?
Does your company actively search to identify RFPs to bid on?
Do you have resources dedicated to responding to RFPs/bids?
Do you build relationships before, during, and after the bidding process to improve your chances of winning?
Do you have assessment criteria to determine why and how to improve for the next opportunity?
Are you confident that your RFP/bid response is complete, compliant with all requirements, and easy to read and understand?
Are you willing to make necessary changes to improve your chances of winning?
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