In my opinion, one of the most difficult steps of a child sexual abuse survivor steps is breaking the silence and explaining it to someone else. From my experience and from what I've found in the articles that I've read, this step is not always received as we, the survivors, would like. Sometimes fear, not knowing what to say or not being prepared for such hard experiences makes answer with words or silences that hurt the survivors even more.

Besides, through education we can change these reactions and adapt them to what they should be for us, the survivors.

So, if you have never felt unprotected when you first confessed it, I would like to know what response you received when you broke the silence and what you would have liked to listen.

Finally, in the first stage of this research, I would like to find out if the answers are similar, wherever the survivors come from.

Thank you very much for joining this project!

Was your abuser someone from your family?
In which country were you living when you explained the abuse?
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To whom did you tell it?
What did he/she answer to you?
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What would you have liked to hear or obtain?
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