PTS World Christianity Conference PANEL Proposal Form (Deadline: Sept. 30, 2019)
Please note: This form is for panel proposals only. If you would like to submit an individual paper proposal (or an individual paper with multiple authors), please use this link:

Panel Proposal Form Instructions: This first section/page includes basic information for the panel and its organizer. If the panel has multiple organizers, please select one point person for this form.

After this section/page, there is an additional section/page for each panel participant--up to six. Please complete all relevant information for each panel participant (for instance, if the panel consists of a series of papers, please include a paper title and abstract for each participant--but if there are no papers in the panel, please leave the paper title/abstract
sections blank; if the panel organizer also plans to present a paper, please make sure the panel organizer fills out one of the participant sections/pages).

If your panel has fewer than six participants (most will), please leave additional participant pages blank (e.g., if your group has four participants, please leave sections/pages for "Participant 5" and "Participant 6" completely blank, scrolling to the bottom of the section/page and clicking "Next" or "Submit" on each screen).

Please note that almost all panels will be 90 minutes in length.
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If accepted, this abstract will be made available publicly on our conference website and distributed to other conference participants. Please note: While there is an "Additional Information" section below, it should not be used to extend the length of this abstract.
Additional Information
If there is any additional information you would like us to know, please include that information here. Please note: If you have questions, especially if they are urgent, do not include them here; rather, please email them to Thank you for your interest in our conference.
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