2017-2018 Growing Resilience Screening Form
Thank you for your interest in Growing Resilience!
Introduction to Growing Resilience
Growing Resilience is a research project designed to bring home gardens to families on the Wind River Reservation and to measure the impact of those gardens on participants’ health.

Growing Resilience is a partnership between Blue Mountain Associates, Eastern Shoshone Tribal Health, the Wind River Development Fund, and the University of Wyoming.

Benefits of Participating
-Mentorship, supplies, and assistance to start and maintain a garden of at least 80 square feet.

-Regular reports on your health (once after each health data collection session).

-Cash stipends for participating in health data collection. Adults receive $40, children $15, and each household a $20 transportation stipend for each data collection session (twice each year). For a family of 2 adults and 2 children, that comes to $130 per one-hour session!

Who in your family should participate?
Any adult (aged 18 and older) and any child aged 5 years and older in your family may participate in the project.

In families with more than one adult, AT LEAST TWO ADULTS MUST PARTICIPATE, both in two years of gardening AND four health data collection sessions over two years.

When will you get a garden?
-Half of the eligible participants randomly will be selected to receive a garden in 2018, and the other half of the participants will act as “control” or comparison participants and will wait to garden until 2020.

-Control participants will participate in four health data collections over two years (with cash stipends for each) before receiving gardening support in 2020.

-To be eligible to participate, you must be willing to wait to have a home vegetable garden until 2020 if you are randomly selected to be a "control" participant.

-Controls are key to the research, as we need to compare health of participants with gardens and also without gardens. Without controls, the research would not work!

Health Data Collected
-Short survey
-Blood draw (finger prick for children)
-Body composition (height, weight, waist circumference)
-Hand strength
-Blood pressure

***Note, we can provide transportation to the data collection sessions for anyone who needs it!

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