MSTU 5197 & 5199: Beyond Bits & Atoms, Class and Lab (Spring 2021)
MSTU 5197/5199: Beyond Bits & Atoms teaches students to design, build, and critique constructionist educational technologies. BB&A consists of a theory-oriented class (MSTU 5199) and a practice-focused lab (MSTU 5197); students are required to enroll in both. The theory class is focused on answering three questions:

    How does learning work?
    How does schooling work?
    How can technology affect learning and schooling?

Students explore constructivism, constructionism, and critical pedagogy, as well as embodied and situated cognition, the role of media and tools, representations and models in learning, and theories of technology design. These ideas are applied to case studies of schools and educational technologies, and to the design of a new educational technology.

In the lab, students are immersed in a constructionist learning environment where they reflect on their own learning processes as they learn to use technologies for prototyping and digital fabrication. Students use these tools to design and build a constructionist educational technology, especially focusing on equity, and culturally diverse populations.

It was previously offered at TC in 2019 and 2020 and at the Stanford Graduate School of Education for 9 years.

Class website:

2020 Class & Lab Syllabus:
(the 2021 syllabus will be very similar, except for the online lab replacing the physical lab)

Enrollment in both class and lab is mandatory for all students, unless for very, very special circumstances (email us if that is your case).

Enrollment for this course is based on the instructor's approval -- it doesn't matter if you were able to enroll through the system. Students interested in taking the course should fill out this form by Dec 11th, 2020 (11:59pm NYC time). Prospective students will be notified whether we can guarantee them enrollment by Dec 14th, 2020. After Dec 14th, if there is space in the course, we will accept students from the waitlist.
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