Montgomery County Democrats Precinct Official Application
What is the Precinct Organization and what is a precinct official?

Basically, Montgomery County has 255 precincts, which are geographic areas that vote at a polling place like a school or community center. The Montgomery County Democratic Party organizes itself to communicate, recruit and get out the vote working with people within precincts. To do that dedicated volunteers, known as precinct officials, knock on doors, maintain listservs, make phone calls, and host gatherings to keep neighbors active and informed.

There are 4 types of precinct officials:

1) Area Coordinators - manage and assist 4-6 precinct officials to make sure they have the resources and support to build the Party

2) Precinct Chair - serves as the primary point of contact and lead recruiter for the Democratic Party in 1 precinct

3) Precinct Vice Chair - works with the Precinct Chair in building the Party

4) Block Captain - is responsible for organizing a small area or building within a precinct

By becoming a precinct official, what are you committing to?

Precinct officials are expected to learn how to use a software program called VoteBuilder which contains the contact information of voters in their precinct. We provide both in person and online training. The typical precinct official time commitment is 1-2 hours per month throughout the year and to setup a Democratic campaign table for the Primary and General Elections.

Why should you become a precinct official?

Quite frankly, it's an awesome way to support the Democratic Party. You'll be meeting and talking to neighbors, getting to know new people who are also volunteering, and getting Democrats elected. Precinct officials periodically get invited to candidate fundraisers for free or at deep discounts and get contacted by elected officials for their opinions on things. It's both a valuable contribution to your community and social experience that people tend to greatly enjoy.

Ready to apply?

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