Results day feedback - A Level Drama and Theatre
I am collecting feedback on the A Level Drama and Theatre qualifications to assess how teachers feel about the qualification delivery and results. This will be published in a blog on my website

If a question is not applicable to you, please leave it blank and move onto the next question. If you only taught part of this course, please complete this with the teacher who taught the other component(s) so one response covers your whole class. Please do not miss out whole sections.

There are 7 sections to this form and it takes approximately 10 minutes to complete the whole survey.
The sections are:
1. Which board?
2. Devising performance (Long section)
3. Scripted performance (Long section)
4. Exam
5. Text choices
6. Overall course and results (Long section)
7. Changing boards?

Please complete this form for A Level only, not including AS, vocational qualifications or international qualifications.

Which 2016 exam board specification did your students complete?
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