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Our Agency Service: [ Professional & Full control ]
--> We have 25 Professional Influence Marketing experts operate campaigns from A to Z for you.
--> As client, you just need to validate the Influencer profiles and deliverables.

Our Influence4brands platform: [ Easy & Rapid ]
--> more than 92K qualified active influencers waiting for your brief hunting in the platform.
--> As client, you decide the budget range, profile qualifications and the campaign requirements.

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International Influence Marketing Expert

E-mail : wenrui.hu@influence4you.fr

Mob (Whatsapp) : +33 6 60 79 65 99

Wechat: 15913178016

Skype : live:wenrui.hu91

Web : www.influence4you.fr

Case Studies : https://www.youtube.com/c/Influence4you

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