Sunnyland Mutual Aid:  Offering Support
There are lots of ways that we can support each other during the COVID-19 crisis. We will use this list to contact people who might be able to meet a requested community need.
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Do you have access to transportation? *
Would you be available for picking up and dropping off supplies to people's porches? Unless otherwise specifically arranged in advance, you would NOT be paying for these supplies with your own money. *
If you are available to do these pick ups/drop offs, will you need money to cover gas?
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Are you interested in providing childcare? This could be for an hour of parental respite time or for a longer amount of time. *
If you are interested in providing childcare, will you need to be compensated? *
Are you interested in providing eldercare? This could be for an hour of caregiver respite or for a longer amount of time *
If you are interested in providing eldercare, do you need to be compensated?
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Are you available to walk people's pets? *
If you have access to garden space, are you willing to grow extra food for the neighborhood? *
If you can grow food for others, do you need any supplies (eg seeds, soil, extra labor)?
Do you have an extra room, mother-in-law space, tiny house or ADU where someone could stay if they either needed to have a safe place to stay if a roommate needed to be quarantined OR if a person needed to be quarantined separate from their family/roommates? Feel free to add comments and/or concerns  to your answer *
Would you like to do some meal prep to have prepared foods available to neighbors who can't get out? This can be canned soups, frozen dinners, or even sending out a hot meal. *
Do you have access to extra supplies that you think people in the neighborhood might need? They could be hand sanitizer, food, kleenex, masks, over-the-counter medicines, diapers, baby food, etc. *
Last question- would you be interested in helping out with needs in other local neighborhoods? *
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