Student Application 學生申請表
Please note, sections I, II, and IV MUST be completed by the students themselves.
請注意, I、II、IV 段落須由學生本人據實填寫,以便恰當地安排 VOICE 營會。
Full Name 姓名 *
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Preferred English Name 慣用的英文名字 *
What would you like us to call you during VOICE? 在 VOICE 你要我們怎麼稱呼你?
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I. Tell Us About Yourself! 自我介紹
Getting to know what you are really like will help us make VOICE as enjoyable, meaningful, and beneficial as possible. Do your best to answer each question. If there are any essay questions truly too difficult for you to answer, you may say so, but you must explain the reason for your difficulty. We look forward to seeing your answers!

對你有一定的認識,可以幫助我們把 VOICE 營會安排得使你更享受,對你更有意義,有助益。請盡量回答每項問題。如果實在有困難回答任何申論題,不用擔心,請說明困難所在。我們很期待看到你的回應!

1. Your Faith 你的信仰 *
Please describe your family's religious background. Compare your relationship with God to your parent's relationship with God: how is it similar or different from yours? Why do you think that is the case? 請描述你家庭的信仰背景。你跟神的關係與家長跟神的關係有哪些相似與不同的地方呢?請舉例說明。
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2. Your Motivations 你的動機 *
At VOICE, our main focus will be on three different areas: how to become closer to God, more confident in English, and more Christ-like in our character. Are these three areas important to you? If so, why? Of these three areas, which do you think you are the strongest in, which do you need the most help in, and why? 我們在 VOICE 營會中,會特別注重三方面:更親近神、對英文更有自信、更多活出基督的品格。這三方面對你重要嗎?哪方面你比較強,哪方面需要進步?請說明。
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3. Your Questions 你的問題
Do you have any thoughts, questions or concerns about VOICE? Is there anything that you think we need to know about you before you come? 對於 VOICE 營會,你有哪些想法、問題或憂慮?你認為有哪些我們應該在你來之前就需知道的事?
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II. Use Your English! 請用英文回答
Our English classes will be different from the English classes you have at school. Our goal is to have a fun environment where you get to use your English in different ways to express yourself. In order for us to best prepare for the English class, we will use an unusual method to test your English ability.

Remember, the goal is NOT for you to be perfect, but for you to do your BEST. In answering these questions, please do not ask other people for help, or use the dictionary or the internet to check your grammar or vocabulary.

What is happening in this story?
Dialogue 1-3: *
Write what you think the characters are saying in English. Please begin each section with the number in the dialogue bubble. (Example: 1. I like Chinese food!)
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Dialogue 4: *
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Dialogue 5-7: *
Please begin each section with the number in the dialogue bubble. (Ex.: 5. Hello?)
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III. Contact Information 聯絡資料
Please do not substitute with your parents' information. 請勿填寫家長聯絡資料。
Gender 性別 *
National Identification Card 身分證字號 *
For non-Taiwanese, please fill in your passport number. 非台灣人,請填寫護照號碼。
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Birthdate 生日 *
Zip Code 郵遞區號 *
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Mailing Address 通訊地址 *
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Phone (Mobile) 行動電話
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Phone (Home) 家裡電話 *
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E-mail 電子郵件信箱 *
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School, Grade 學校,年級 *
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Church 所屬教會 *
If you are not attending a church, please write "none." 若沒有參加,請寫「無」
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Travel insurance beneficiary 旅遊保險受益人 *
Name/Relationship 姓名/關係
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Allergies 過敏
Please include specifics about the allergy as well as the reaction. 請列出過敏的種類以及反應。
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Health History 病歷
Please inform us of any medical abnormalities (injuries, diseases, conditions, or disorders) that you have experienced within the past 12 months. 請列出過去一年你曾經有過哪些不尋常的病歷 (受傷、疾病、狀況、或失調。)
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IV. Consent Form 同意書
Participation 參與度 *
As the attending student, I certify that I have filled out this application myself. I understand that this is a discipleship program, not a vacation, and certify that I am willing to stay the full week. 身為此次參加 VOICE 的學生,我保證此申請書為本人親自填寫。我明白 VOICE 是門徒訓練,不是渡假的營會,並保證願意全程參與。
Obedience 順服 *
I have read and agree with all of the Character Commitments ( I will obey the rules and submit to the authority of the VOICE staff. I understand that there will be consequences if I do not abide by the conditions of this commitment and may even be asked to leave at my own expense. 我已完全閱讀申請表並同意對品格的委身 (。我會遵守規定並順服 VOICE 同工的領導。我了解若我不遵守規定,就會受到處罰,並且有可能要提早自費回家。
V. Please include a recent photo of yourself. 請附上一張個人近照
Please email a photo that was taken within the last six months to Digital files should be at least 800 pixels and no more than 1600 pixels. Please specify the name of the applicant. 請 email 一張六個月內的個人照至。電子檔案規格應該至少 800 像素,不要大於 1600 像素。請註明申請人姓名。
My recent personal photo… 我個人近照⋯ *
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