ScummVM 2.0 game test report
This form is for collecting the results of game playthroughs. It is not a general feedback form. Please do not use this form to ask questions. (Yes, this happened.)
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Contact information
Who are you? *
Please use whatever name you normally use on GitHub, IRC, and/or the ScummVM forum.
How may we contact you?
While unlikely, we may have questions about your playthrough. If you’d like, please tell us where and how to contact you. This information will not be published publicly. (If you submit bugs to the bug tracker, we will respond there first.)
Game information
What game did you test? *
What game version did you test? *
If you are not sure, just write “Not sure”. For SCI engine, depending upon the game, this information may either be in the game’s About screen or in a VERSION file along with the game data.
Where did the game come from? *
Sometimes, online retailers include extra patches or repackage resources in their releases without changing the game’s version number, so it is helpful for us to know exactly where the game came from.
Which game localization(s) did you test? *
If you tested multiple localizations but only some localizations were buggy, please describe the situation in the comments section at the end of this form.
Which game platform(s) did you test? *
Remember, only DOS and Windows platforms are currently supported for SCI32. If you tested multiple platforms but only some platforms were buggy, please describe the situation in the comments section at the end of this form.
Which game options did you use?
These options appear in the Engine tab of the Edit Game window in the launcher. Not all options are available for all games.
Testing environment
Which OS/device did you use for testing? *
This is the OS/device you used to run ScummVM, not the game’s original platform.
What is the OS/device version?
For Linux, please provide the distro and distro version. For other devices, please provide whatever version information is appropriate for that device, if any.
What ScummVM version did you use for testing? *
This information is displayed in the ScummVM launcher and starts with “2.0.0git”. It can also be retrieved by running `scummvm --version` on the command line. (If you created a custom build of ScummVM, put the Git commit ID here.)
Did you encounter any bugs? *
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