Gluten-Free Restaurant Card Project
Are you a translator familiar with food and celiac disease? Help me build out my translations for the gluten-free restaurant card project. I pay translators per word, and each card goes through two sets of translations to ensure accuracy.

ABOUT THE PROJECT: Many celiac cards exist, and while they are great and useful they are often insufficient for highly sensitive celiacs. They do not list the specific food names from a local country, and/or take account cross contamination. They do not make clear that this is a disease and not a choice, and the diet must be strictly observed. My goal is to have these tailored, culturally-appropriate cards for as many countries as possible, allowing celiacs to travel more easily and with less anxiety about eating safely.

- You are in the food industry or very familiar with food ingredients in the country - hopefully you love to eat!
- You work as a translator, or are fully bilingual in English/the language you're signing up for. Since people get so sick with a small mistake, it's really important that the cards are translated as accurately as possible.
- You are willing to read up on celiac disease before translating, or you know someone with the disease - it's important to understand the nuances due to how sick people get.

For a list of existing countries and the free accompanying guides, please see:

Thank you for your help!

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