MDEC x Izwan & Partners' Fundraising Awareness Survey 2020
We understand that you are busy.

We also appreciate that raising capital on a continual basis is crucial to the survival of startups. We've worked with many high-tech entrepreneurs ourselves, and we understand the physical and mental pressures of regularly raising capital.

We seek to collect your experiences and preferences in order to better understand how startups can utilize various funding modes to support sustainable growth. We seek to include all types of startups across Malaysia and beyond in this survey.

ALL information you provide is confidential and no identifying data will ever be shared. ALL responses are anonymous and will be used to curate a fund-raising awareness workshop strategy in the future.

Participating startups and founders will receive our anonymized and aggregated findings if you choose to do so.

It should take you less than 10 minutes to complete.

Thank you in advance for participating and sharing the survey with fellow entrepreneurs and startups!

Key contacts

Izwan Zakaria (

Fadzli Hisham Mohd Aini (

Tunku Omar Asraf Tengku Hasmuddin (

Balasubramaniam A (

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Personal and company information
This section sets out the usual information about yourself and your company for us to understand you better.
1. Name *
2. Are you a Malaysian? (If not, let us know your nationality in the Other section). *
3. Which sector best describes the type of company you are running? *
4. Is your company formed in Malaysia? (If the answer is No, let us know where your company is formed in the Others section). *
5. If yes to question 4 above, how long ago did you start your company? *
6. Which of the following best describe your company's business stage? *
7. What are your priorities for the next 12 months? (Select ALL that applies) *
8. How many founders does your company have? *
9. Your startup's products and/or services are directed at which type of customer(s)? (Select ALL that apply. ) *
10. Have you gone through an incubator or accelerator program? *
11. How large is your team today? *
Fundraising Terminologies
This section aims to assess your understanding of fundraising and its terminologies and concepts.
12. Have you done any fundraising for your company before? *
Glossary of 9 Investor Types:
1. Private Accelerator (e.g., WTF Accelerator, 1337 Ventures, NEXEA Angels, Y Combinator)

2. Corporate Accelerator (e.g., Petronas Futuretech Accelerator, Cyberview Accelerator)

3. Super Angels (High-net-worth individuals that invest in startups)

4. Traditional Venture Capital (e.g., 500 Startups, Index Ventures, High-Tech Grunderfonds)

5. Corporate VC (e.g., Captii Ventures)

7. Government Subsidy (Grants offered by local, regional, and national governments)

8. Crowdfunding Platform (e.g., Pitchin, Ata Plus, Crowdplus)

9. Friends & Family (non-professional, personal, and informal)
13. Have you or your company ever used any of the 9 investor types above? *
14. Additional comments about your fundraising preferences and/or perceptions of various investor types:
15. What was your last funding round? *
16. How many years ago did you raise your last round?
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17. Are you planning to raise funds in the next 12 months? *
18. If you answered yes to question 16 above, how do you plan to look for investors? (Select ALL applicable answers).
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19. If you answered yes to question 17, how much do you plan to raise for your company? *
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20. Are you familiar with the fundraising process? *
21. Are you familiar with share capitalisation table? *
22. Are you familiar with the characteristics of Ordinary Shares? *
23. Are you familiar with the characteristics of Preference Shares? *
24. Are you familiar with the terms set out in an Investment Term Sheet? *
25. Are you familiar with the characteristics of KISS (Keep It Simple Security) by 500 Startups? *
26. Are you familiar with the characteristics of SAFE (Simple Agreement for Future Equity) by Y Combinator *
27. Have you considered your company's primary exit preference/ strategy? *
28. Have you considered whether an investor should have a board representation in your company?
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29. What do you feel will be the MOST important issues when it comes to fundraising (Select ALL applicable answers). *
30. Would you like to receive a copy of this survey's findings?
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31. Are you available for a 15-minute Zoom or WhatsApp interview? We will contact you to schedule a short private interview at your convenience.
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