2020 Summer Staff Application
We are looking to hire for the following positions:

The position of Artist Teacher is filled by individuals who will lead each group in particular classes and activities. In our middle school aged program, each Artist Teacher will teach a specific discipline of either acting, movement, visual arts, music or writing/storytelling. In our elementary aged program, the Artist Teachers work together to choose and lead activities in all disciplines. Using Yes! And...'s model of collaborative arts education, they help the tribe as a whole and as individuals to tell their stories through these mediums.

The position of Traveler is an individual that is an adult member of the tribe who travels with the tribe to each class. Travelers are there to guide and be examples, but more importantly they are there to be collaborators with each child. Travelers will travel with one age group of children.

The position of Support Staff is for someone ready for a different experience every day! Depending on the needs of the camp day, this individual may be a Traveler in a tribe, assisting a teacher or the Camp Director, working in the office, etc. Individuals for this position should be ready and willing to do anything. This individual will work from 8:45-5:00 and will run the extended care program each day.

Please complete this form in it's entirety to apply for these positions.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to krista@yesandcamp.org with any questions or concerns.
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Employees are expected to work from 8:15 am-4:30 pm. Select weeks there will be an evening performance in which you will need to stay late or set-build Monday-Wednesday until 5:30, Thursday until 7:30 and until approximately 9:00 pm on Friday for set strike.
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