The Leadership 2020 Advice Column
Practical tips for improving your practice—a community-supported advice column coming soon to the Leadership 2020 newsletters!
Tap into the knowledge of others!
Are you a Leadership 2020 graduate wanting to give back to the community? Now you can! We're revamping the Leadership 2020 newsletters and adding an advice column supported by the vast community of practice populated by past participants!

Do you remember all those amazingly smart people you spent three days with on Bowen Island? They are great resources that continue to be available to you! (And you are a great resource available to them!)

If you want to get some advice or ask for an outside opinion, let us know using the form below. We’ll put it in the Leadership 2020 newsletter (anonymously), share it with the community, and ask for their advice. The most helpful answers will be included in the following newsletter issue.

This is a great opportunity to connect with the Leadership 2020 community, to leverage the power of our network to help each other out, and to share the years and years and years of our combined experience. Altogether better!

Question time!
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Only collected in case we need to follow-up with you. All advice questions will be presented anonymously.
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What are you struggling with? What advice do you need from the community? How can the experience of others help you move forward in your leadership journey?
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What's next...
We will share one question in each upcoming issue of the Leadership 2020 newsletter along with a call for responses, feedback, and ideas. A group of past participants will read the responses and pick the most applicable and helpful pieces of advice which will be shared in the following newsletter issue (along with a brand new question).

You're part of a smart, highly competent group of people and we're trying to share that knowledge, experience, and creativity for the benefit of everyone.

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