➖ Romantique. (Overseas)
Hello, this is Kyoong magazine!
The 1st photobook ‘Romantique’ will be produced by Kyoong magazine 'ㅅ'♡
There will be tons of Baekhyun’s beautiful photos, so please look forward to it~♡

* The first 56 deposit special gift is given to people who made the deposit in first 56 places, and is limited to domestic residents. (1 gift per 1 person)
* Please fill out the form ASAP after making a deposit.
* After the payment, refund and return by simply changing your mind is impossible.
* Schedule may change and will be announced via Twitter (@kyoongmaz56).
* Please contact me by kyoongmaz56@naver.com for any further questions.
* Profits made are used for Baekhyun.

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Photobook Notice ENG ver.
Photobook Preview
Domestic + Overseas schedule photos from 2016~2019
A4 size / All color / ~320p / Montblanc (paper) / Released & Unreleased photos
- First 56 Deposit (Domestic Address Limited / Gift Kept as secret before shipment): Secret gift
- Pre-deposit & Overseas gift: City Lights Solo Book + DVD
- All deposit: Dust bag / Neon Pouch / A2 Poster / A4 Poster pack
/ Postcard set / 2 Holographic photocards
* First 56 Deposit (Domestic Address Limited): 2019. 08. 07 PM 05:06 ~
Pre-deposit period: 2019. 08. 07 PM 05:06 ~ 2019. 08. 17 (10 days)
General Deposit Time: 2019. 08. 18 ~ 2019. 09. 22
3days: Will be announced via Twitter later
Shipping: End of October
IBK기업은행 0506-1992-56 (Account name: 56magazine)
PayPal: kyoongmaz56@gmail.com
- The PayPal fee will be charged to the buyer.
- Please contact me by email for shipping and handling fees before making a payment with PayPal.
1set 48,000 won (48usd) + EMS
2sets 96,000 won (96usd) + EMS
3sets 144,000 won (144usd) + EMS

For overseas orders and EMS costs, please contact me by NAVER e-mail below.
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