GRCA Membership Survey 2018
Thank you so much for taking the time to complete the 2018 GRCA Annual Member Report! Each member organization is required to submit one response. Surveys are due by MAY 15TH, 2019.

Please allow at least 20 minutes to complete this survey. All the questions asked in this survey are about the fiscal year in which your organization's 2018 camp occurred. If you don't know what your fiscal year is, reach out to your treasurer or talk to us at

You will need access to information about the following :
- all programming and number of participants
- personnel (staff and volunteers)
- financial information (funding sources, revenue sources, etc)

* We suggest using this preparation sheet to collect information and collaborate with your co-organizers before filling out this survey: *

Part of the GRCA’s mission is to support networking and collaboration between organizers. Sharing information and experiences through the Annual Member Survey lets us see trends, common issues and opportunities for assistance. Your response also give us an idea of the impact our movement has on the world from year to year! All of this information is very helpful in nurturing the future of our global alliance. Having meaningful research available for participants, supporters, and the general public will help us to continually serve our members as we grow, diversify, and expand our movement.

We appreciate your responses! Please note that answers shared may be used in GRCA research and reports. Additional information can be found at .

If you have any questions or need help filling out the survey, please email

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All the questions asked in this survey are about the financial/tax year of your 2018 camp.
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