Getting to Know You 2016
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Who was your favorite teacher and WHY was she or he your favorite?
Example: Mr. Smith, my 4th grade teacher, was my favorite because he set up his classroom with learning centers and helped me when I had trouble.
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Which subjects are most difficult for you? *
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How do you feel about each type of activity? *
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Working in a small group
Working alone
Working online from home
Presenting in front of the class
Taking written tests
Taking online tests (on computers)
Working on Google Apps (Docs/Sheets/Slides)
Speaking in a Socratic Seminar
How often do you do each of the following? *
I have never done this
I'm not allowed to do this/ I stopped doing this
I've done it, but don't remember much about it
I do this sometimes, but not often
I do this often (weekly or monthly)
I do this every day
Play video games or apps (Xbox/PS4/iPad/iPhone)
Play computer/online games (MMORGs, etc)
Use social media (Facebook/Instagram/Snapchat)
Use messaging (texting/Kik)
Watch/Upload videos online (YouTube/Vimeo/Vine)
Design/Maintain a website or blog
Build robots
Do graphic design/art (Photoshop/Facetune/Afterlight)
Write code/program
Finish the sentence: I think the best part of middle school is.... *
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The part of middle school that worries me right now is.... *
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How do you usually spend your time after school? What do you do? *
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What are your favorite things to do in your free time? *
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Do you have a quiet place to do homework at home? *
Do you have access to a computer with internet at home? *
If a teacher contacts home, who should they talk to and whats the best way to reach them? *
For example: Call my mom at 718-555-5555, Text my aunt at 646-555-5555, Email my dad at
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What language(s) do you speak at home? *
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What is your favorite kind of technology? *
What would you like to be able to do with technology in the future? *
For example: I want to be a video game programmer, I want to build robots, I want to create a blog
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Is there anything else I should know about you? *
For example: I have asthma, I'm allergic to peanut butter, I like turtles
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