Dreadnought Partner Program Application
Are you a content creator that loves playing Dreadnought and sharing your experiences online? Then the Dreadnought Partner program is for you!

The team at Dreadnought love the content that our community creates, and with the partner program, we can now reward creators for their work.

Applications that are submitted will be reviewed by the community team at the beginning of each month based on consistency of content and the level of quality displayed with each piece of content. Users will then be accepted at the tier-1 level, or denied partnership.

Tier-1 partners will be identified as ones that fulfill both consistency while succeeding at bringing a extraordinary level of quality to their content while maintaining a consistent and positive viewership.

If denied, we encourage you to keep making content and submit again as you continue to perfect your craft!

*Approvals are made at the community team's discretion.

Email address *
What we are looking for
- Players that stream Dreadnought on Twitch, Mixer, YouTube, etc.
- Considerations are based on consistency of content and quality of content
- Eligibility of consistency is, at minimum, at least three Dreadnought related streams/pieces of content in the
past 30 days

- Players that create VOD content on YouTube or social media platforms

- Players that are passionate and respect the Dreadnought community

- You have an online community that you heavily engage with through your content

- Your content is clean, and does not display any inappropriate behavior and is suitable to be shared on our social media

- Consistent and high quality content that is created

Benefits of being a partner
- Physical swag (North America Only)

- Streamer kit consisting of partner only logos/branding, partner only overlay, digital items, GP for use in-game

- Giveaway items for the partner's online community (at community team's discretion)

- Social media exposure & call-outs online

- Launcher exposure where applicable

- Information on upcoming events and in-game initiatives

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