Dogcraft Feedback & Suggestion Form
This Google Forms serves to collect and process feedback and suggestions from everyone in the Dogcraft Minecraft Server community. The form is entirely anonymous, and can be filled in multiple times if wanted or needed.

None of the options below are required to be filled in order to complete the form. You can just go through and fill in whatever option applies to what you have to say. We would appreciate it if you could - besides feedback/suggestions - also answer a few questions we have to you. This of course you shouldn't do multiple times, as it may skew results.

Thank you for taking the time to provide us with feedback and suggestions. The server could not exist without all of you wonderful people, and your opinions are valuable to us.

On a scale from 1 to 10, how would you rate the Dogcraft Server overall?
I'm leaving right now
I'll never leave
Which old feature would you prefer to see return the soonest?
Please note: Due to some plugins not being up to date, some of the options are not possible to re-implement just yet.
Feedback can be positive or negative, as long as it's written and meant constructively. Please be specific in your feedback, general statements are not something we can always do something with.
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Suggestions to improve the Dogcraft Server are also very much welcomed. Suggestions will be taken into account, but may not always be (immediately) implemented. If certain suggestions are mentioned a lot, there might be an announcement post on Discord explaining why that suggestion will or won't be implemented (yet).
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