Fluke Coin - Decentralized E-commerce Platform

Fluke coin is a digital currency based on Ethereum technologies and blockchain with the standard ERC20 smart contracts platform.Fluke is a decentralized e-commerce platform focusing on alleviating unnecessary transaction and service fees. Fluke will run custom blockchain operations that will provide optimal services and financial incentives for Fluke Coin Holders. Fluke will be of it’s kind to be runned by a universal democratic system that lets Fluke Coin holders decide the direction and fate of the company.

Every participate will recieve 10,000 FLUK token for join the airdrop.The total supply of Fluke Coin tokens is 10,000,000,000.Please fill out this form to join our Airdrop.To claim your 10,000 FLUK tokens:

1. Join our Telegram community ( https://t.me/flukecoin )
2. Follow us on Twitter ( https://twitter.com/FlukeCoin ) and Retweet our pinned post ( https://twitter.com/FlukeCoin/status/1049329694460579840 )
3.Retweet our Selfdrop post ( https://twitter.com/FlukeCoin/status/1049329995397648385 )

Website: www.flukecoins.online
Smart Contract: 0x7Fd292EEcae66BA59dFf6bc8e819f01dD7Cb42dd

Instant Buy Tokens (Selfdrop)
Min 0.01 ETH=100,000 FLUK
Send ETH
This Contract Address: 0x7Fd292EEcae66BA59dFf6bc8e819f01dD7Cb42dd
Gas Limit: 100000
Gwei price: 21

Note: If you send 0.1 ETH + you will get 50% bonus within 12 hours

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