Travel Support Request Form for the National SJP Conference @ UCLA (November 16-18, 2018)
***Please fill out this form once for every individual requesting support, NOT as a group. Thanks!***


Please fill out the form below in order to receive a travel scholarship. Please note that we are only able to give scholarships in the form of reimbursements. In addition to filling out the form, please EMAIL YOUR TRAVEL RECEIPTS to nsjp.ff[@] Without receipts we cannot give you a reimbursement. Reimbursements will be disbursed approximately 3 weeks after the conference.

As a volunteer-based organization, NSJP does not have the capacity to fund full costs of travel. However, we are able to offer up to THREE (3) travel scholarships per SJP. In order to receive travel support from National SJP, you ***must fundraise locally as well.***

2018 scholarship reimbursement caps vary per region/state and are as follows:

_States except for New York: $300
_New York: $330
_​All states: $300
_States except for Florida: $290
_Florida: $350
_Cities you can't drive to LA from: $180

Folks driving in from other parts of ​California will be reimbursed based on mileage and current gas prices. If this is your situation, you'll need to email nsjp.ff[@] with your starting location (where you are driving from). We encourage carpooling to reduce financial and environmental impact!

For example, 3 students traveling from the Midwest could receive up to $900 in travel scholarships. 3 students traveling from Florida could receive up to $1050.​

If your SJP is sending more than 3 members, you may split the scholarships among your group as you see fit​, but keep in mind that we can only provide up to 3x the maximum amount for your region or state (as listed above).

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In order to receive travel support from National SJP, you ***must fundraise locally as well. We suggest efforts such as emails to previous donors, online crowdfunding, or applications for university funding.
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