CECHS Parent Needs Assessment 2019
Involvement in Learning
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I receive information on what I can do at home to help my child improve his or her learning.
Do you know what your child should know and be able to do in Reading and/or Mathematics for the grade he/she is in?
What is the best way for the school to share information about your child and school activities?
Can you reach your child's teacher and discuss your child's progress in school?
Do you feel that teachers in the school are interested and are cooperative when you discuss your child's academic progress and/or other concerns?
CECHS is very good about communicating with me (ex. newsletters, webpage, letters, phone calls or emails).
CECHS has a system of communication that will ensure that all information about policies, procedures, and expectations are available to all parents.
CECHS distributes calendars of school activities in advance notice to parents?
CECHS provides information and guidance regarding student course selection, curriculum, understanding assessments and state standards, and understanding graduation requirements.
CECHS has established a school-wide system of sharing information that is timely, organized and in a language easy to understand.
I am invited to be involved in school improvement planning and decision making at my child's school.
Leadership and Participation
I am knowledgeable as to how Federal funds are used towards my child's academic achievement.
As a parent/guardian, I am invited to meetings so that I can learn about what is going on in the school.
Do you as a parent/guardian feel that you have a voice in the future of Coahoma Early College High School?
I am familiar with extra services and resources CECHS provides for my student.
Support Services
Do you know about the school's referral program to community services outside of school, i.e., (adult literacy programs, social services, mental health services, GED, adult career development).
I believe my child is challenged by the school academic curriculum.
Educational Quality
The use of technology is key to my child's academic achievement.
My child receives the academic support needed to meet his/her individual needs.
CECHS provides guidance for my child regarding college and career readiness.
Do you feel welcome at Coahoma Early College High School?
School Climate
Coahoma Early College High School is a safe place to learn.
Coahoma Early College High School is a friendly environment for studentsand parents.
Can you reach your child's teacher and discuss your child's progress in school?
Does Coahoma Early College High School encourage you to be involved in your child's education?
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