ARMY Magazine - HR Officer application form
You are currently applying for the position of Human Resources Officer. Human Resources is the department that deals with ARMY Magazine staff members and issues related to staff members. The goal of the department is to maintain satisfaction among ARMY Magazine Staff, provide documentation of all staff and applicants, and create organizational alignment. But most importantly, HRs create a positive work culture, and promote the vision, and mission statement of the magazine among the staff.

Your main responsibilities will include tasks relating to the magazine's staff such as recruiting and reviewing applications, performance management, and evaluation, training, organization development, problem-solving, measuring achievements and staff record management. You will also be required to work in a team, therefore you need to be a friendly and reliable person to become a part of our team. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us on our social media accounts (Twitter; Facebook; Instagram or email:

We hope you answer these questions with honesty as well as sincerity.
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