MPCG School District Covid-19 Educational Survey
PLEASE COMPLETE THIS SURVEY FOR EACH CHILD. Example: If you have two school age children, you complete two surveys.
I have reviewed the May-Port CG Return to Learning Plan. (If not, the plan can be found here: *
Please select the grade level of your student. *
List your student's FIRST and LAST name. *
As with all plans, our district recognizes there are barriers to overcome. We will continue to problem solve and/or connect families with outside agencies to ensure that we are optimizing student success. Does your family have any needs or concerns that you are unable to address as a family, associated with the COVID-19 Educational Plan for MPCG School District as presented?
If needs/concerns were identified in the previous question, please explain each related area.
For the first semester, what is your choice of learning modality? Please select one. *
Please list your email address. *
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